En accessoar | an accessory

This piece was conceived as an overgrown necklace, in the abnormal cycle of simulated fashion an it-piece that binds, restricts around the chest and shoulders. So turn-of-the-twentieth century, constriction; could it ever be fashionable again?

But in its materiality it would also speak to the fear of not being self-sufficient (which is different from the fear of being dependent) and taking one's health and freedom of motion for granted. This accessory couldn't be removed without help--nor put on, for that matter. Once on, how could I reach for something on a shelf, grab the bar on the roof of the crowded subway car, pull out my own chair?

Handwoven of hand-dyed cotton similar to my skin tone with an inexplicable flossa in hand-dyed linen and wool, as well as short naturally blonde horsehairs. After weaving the two pieces, I couldn't stop admiring my own lovely edges, and it was clear that they should have honored placement. The self-interest from the first iteration underlined, amassed, and sewn into place, the peacock folded in on itself.

Stretching the boundaries of a well-known accessory--the brooch--these two halves can be worn as one, or the other given to someone to whom you wish to be attached.