Helhandvävthushåll: bathroom edition.

Part of the overarching project Wholly Handwoven Household // Helhandvävthushåll. A larger investigation of working textiles in the home.

In my work I weave foremost objects that most of us long ago switched out with machine-woven, mass-produced textiles. Bathmats are arguably a normalized part of interior design, but one that few people would consider investing a lot of money in. They are meant to be disposable, washed often and hard. A bathmat is used when the body is most clean, in the home's dirtiest room.

While they are saleable items, objects like this bathmat, these aprons, and my dishrags are all handwoven working textiles [brukstextilier], almost an incongruity today. If these objects are meant to be ab/used and dirtied, who would be willing to spend real money on them? They take the concept of "everyday luxury" a step further. Investing in a rug for one's living room handwoven by first-world craftspeople is one thing, but surely no one will inherit your bathmat?

Rug woven in rya technique, 50 x 72 cm. Linen. 2016.