The Letter

"As usual, Ong Chi Seng was dressed in the heigh of local fashion. He wore very shiny patent leather shoes and gay silk socks. In his black tie was a pearl & ruby pin, and on the fourth finger of his left hand a diamond ring. From the pocket of his neat white coat protruded a gold fountain pen and a gold pencil. He wore a gold wristwatch, and on the bridge of his nose, invisible pince-nez."

W. Somerset Maugham
The Letter

This blog is mainly an outlet for me to record neatly (and searchably) all the quotes about fashion/dress that I find in the books I'm reading. It's inspiration for me and hopefully (maybe!) helpful to others at some point.
I've always been interested in literary portrayals of characters in books. I read so many books and had such strong ideas about what a certain character looked like that I was often disappointed when a movie version came out and nothing was as I imagined it. I've come to appreciate a designer's personal vision, having recently acquired a costume design B. A., but the book is always better than the movie.
I never thought I would have a blog--a little too technologically forward-thinking for me--but here it is, and I'm sure it will evolve into a consistent thing, and more just stuff I like. One thing that I like is telling people about myself, so I'm surprised a blog is not more appealing to me.