The Invisible Man

A few from The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells:

"It was the finest of all possible Whitmondays, and down the village street stood a row of nearly a dozen booths and a shooting gallery, and on the grass by the forge were three yellow and chocolate waggons and some picturesque strangers of both sexes putting up a coconut shy. The gentlemen wore blue jerseys, the ladies white aprons and quite fashionable hats with heavy plumes. Wodger of the Purple Fawn and Mr. Jaggers the cobbler, who also sold secondhand ordinary bicycles, were stretching a string of union jacks and royal ensigns (which had originally celebrated the Jubilee) across the road..." (p. 46)

"You must picture Mr. Thomas Marvel as a person of copious, flexible visage, a nose of cylindrical protrusion, a liquorish, ample, fluctuating mouth, and a beard of a bristling eccentricity. His figure inclined to embonpoint; his short limbs accentuated this inclination. He wore a furry silk hat, and the frequent substitution of twine and shoelaces for buttons, apparent at critical points of his costume, marked a man essentially bachelor....His feet, save for socks of irregular openwork, were bare, his big toes were broad and pricked like the ears of a watchful dog. In a leisurely manner--he did everything in a leisurely manner--he was contemplating trying on a pair of boots. They were the soundest boots he had come across for a long time, but too large for him; whereas the ones he had were, in dry weather, a very comfortable fit, but too-thin-soled for damp. Mr. Thomas Marvel hated roomy boots, but then he hated damp....he put the four boots in a graceful group on the turf and looked at them. And seeing them there among the grass and springing agrimony, it suddenly occurred to him that both pairs were exceedingly ugly to see." pp 58-9.

The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells. Scholastic Book Services, 1963 (written in 1897).

Didn't love the book, to be honest.