The English Grammar Play

I can remember being one of the Nouns in a classroom play he wrote for us, in which the grammatis personae, as he insisted on calling them, consisted entirely of parts of speech.  I also remember hating it, because I thought the Adverbs had all the good lines.
The rather odd view of grammar I then acquired has stayed with me, however, and even now the word "verb" conjures up for me a twelve-year-old boy in a track suit (to signalize action), while a "noun" means myself at the same age, in an Eton collar (I was a Proper Noun), being harried by several Adjectives.  The Adverbs, in case you're interested, got to carry whips, which with they could menace, thought not actually strike, the shivering Verbs.  Never was I an Adverb.  Later, when we played punctuation, it was three times my fate to be the upper half of a Semi-colon.

--Noel Perrin, Wake me up for the hoedown, A Passport Secretly Green, St. Martin's Press, NY, 1961.  p 122-3.