Tom Wolfe won't shut up about clothes

Listen to this interview with Tom Wolfe about why he wears a white suit and the importance of Not Fitting In.

Brilliant about how he tried to "fit in" with stock car racers by wearing items of clothing he rattles off like they're the most obvious choices.   Borsellino hat? Like everyone knows what that is (aha, a label).

I guess it was 1987, when suits were still a thing the public might be able to identify with, or at least identify a green tweed suit and blue button-up shirt as the last thing a stock car racer would wear.  I sort of guessed that as I listened (stock car racing ≠ Formula 1), but wondered if maybe the specificity of his choices (black knit tie) belied a fantastic oral clothing history, recounted with the acumen of a respected journalist....