Digital Collections

I forgot how rich the New York Public Library digital collections are.

I think the history of costume history is really interesting, as well as historic perceptions of Other Peoples, which can be found in primary-source abundance in the library's Digital Gallery called "Customs and Costume".

Costumes des Indiens, pour représenter l'Inca et sa femme. 
"Costume des Indiens, pour représenter l'Inca et sa femme." From Voyages au Pérou, faits dans les années 1790-1794. Collection des planches. From the NYPL General Research Division.

What a boon to costume designers or costume studies students searching for a topic!

It's so exciting to see collections online that are (generally) well-documented and easy to access.  Clothing history for everyone!  There is SO much here; "Customs and Costume" includes maybe thousands of images, but is one of many Digital Galleries.

Also, try:
"Dress and Fashion: Design and Manufacture"
"At Home in Brooklyn" (1978-9)
"The Pageant of America" (more than 7,000 photos of Americans)
"Uniforms and Regimental Regalia: The Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration"

Most of the categories will yield at least a few valuable costume images.

Good luck doing anything else with your afternoon!