Looking grey, from here.
Instead of Anno 1790 (I happen to have a boyfriend who WANTS to watch costume dramas with me, so we'll check it out here), I watched Chinatown, which is an apparent classic that I have never heard of.

Tell me why, WHY Bonnie and Clyde is a 'famous fashion film' and this one isn't?  Maybe her clothing in B&C is more accessible, more reproducible, more...1970s? More unique, I guess. No one seems to like those boring old rich people.

I mean....wouldn't you rather wear this to the left? No, you'd rather have a bandanna and a beret?

While the town-water issue was historic and...important or whatever, I did like thinking about L.A. as a small town (not that I've ever been), and boy was it fun to look at all the wide lapels and secretary dresses.