In a field dominated (rightfully) by academic journals, it's refreshing to find more fashion-based journals that also incorporate art, interviews and even tweets.

Address was generally pleasurable to read, after a somewhat slow start. Some pieces reflected the idea and importance of criticism laid out in the Editor's Letter by Johannes Reponen. I found the most expressive of this theme were the non-expository bits. The interviews were really strong, some serious, some funny, with subjects all with non-traditional or unexpected connections to clothing and fashion.

The expository writing toward the end, especially pieces by Anneke Smelik and Erika Basile, were the type I was hoping to find. I was pleasantly surprised by photographic pieces by Grace Eagle and Phyllis Galembo. An interview with WESSIELING and attendant works by the artist were right on message.

Some pieces felt obvious or overwrought, some reached for a critical attitude and came up empty. It's as if the editor saved the best for last, which is great when you get there, but discouraging at the start. Keep reading--you'll be glad you did.

The journal is a dynamic addition to the field. It resembles the more polished American publication Fashion Projects, which I would suggest as required reading. They keep a blog when they can't publish hard copy editions.

Has anyone else read Address? What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

You can buy Address here.