"Hastigt duschade jag, bytte arbetskläderna mot fritidsuniformen, sprang in i paternosterhissen och stod efter några ögonblick uppe på gatan."(12)

Boye, Karin. Kallocain: Roman från 2000-talet. Viborg: Nørhaven, 2000 (Stockholm: Bonniers, 1940)


"Quickly I showered, changed from work-clothes to leisure-uniform, jumped in the paternoster and, after a few moments, was standing on the street above."

Pre-1984 dystopia from hip chick Karin Boye. Quotation is much better in Swedish, with their condensed words: "arbetskläderna" coupled with "fritidsuniform" is so much more poignant than in my translation. Eller hur?