New England Girls

"Unless she had now and then indulged her brisk impulses, and breathed rural air in a suburban walk, or ocean-breezes along the shore--had occasionally obeyed the impulse of nature, in New England girls, by attending a metaphysical or philosophical lecture, or viewing a seven-mile panorama, or listening to a concert--had gone shopping about the city, ransacking entire depôts of splendid merchandize, and bringing home a ribbon--had enjoyed, likewise, a little time to read the Bible in her chamber, and had stolen a little more, to think of her mother and her native place--unless for such moral medicines as the above, we should soon have beheld our poor Phoebe grow thin, and put on a bleached, unwholesome aspect, and assume strange, shy ways, prophetic of old maidenhood and a cheerless future." (174-5)

One more from Hawthorne, Gables, 1851.

New England girl going home tomorrow! Just love this summation of my 1850s "foremothers".