Unix Weenies by Armani

"I mean, uh, psychiatrists as a group have a look. And, uh, NeXT users...this was a...NeXT was one of the only computers I've ever been around where the whole notion of design was really important to the product. Um...elegance of design. And it attracted the strangest kind of, uh, hybrid which was sort of like: Unix weenies by Armani...combination."

"Okay...hahaha...and describe what the psychiatrists tend to look like, what was their look?"

"Well, the psychiatrists were all, you know, the sort of Jules Feiffer, cartoon-psychiatrist...uh...Tweed jackets, uhhhh....slightly rumpled..."


"Uh....and no distinct difference between the men and women, really. Except for this one person."

You'll have to listen to This American Life episode #74, recently rebroadcast on the podcast, to hear more about that one person.

Heartbreaking story, about John Perry Barlow and the love of his life. Talking here with Ira Glass, c. 1997. Early days of computer nerdery. Especially great contrasted with his impressions of the psychiatry nerdery, and love that Ira egged him on. Turns out to be an important detail in the story, but at first feels like radio's impulse to over-visualise.