Khaki Shorts

"Mr. Biswas had gained a light advantage by being the first to enrol his children in the Guardian Tinymites League; but he had squandered this by imitating W. C. Tuttle's khaki shorts. W. C. Tuttle's shorts were proper shorts, and he had the figure for them. Mr Biswas lacked this figure, and his khaki shorts were only long khaki trousers which Shama, against her judgement, had amputated, and hemmed on her machine with a wavering line of white cotton. Mr Biswas suffered a further setback when the Tuttle children revealed that their father had taken out a life insurance policy." (459-60)

Naipaul, V.S. A House for Mr Biswas. Middlesex: Penguin Books Ltd., 1976 [1961].

Khaki is King! It's a battle to the death...