Labels, c. 1970

"I visualized my apartment then, empty and dark and quiet, furniture from John Widdicomb, suits from F.R. Tripler and J. Press, art books from Rizzoli, rugs from W&J Sloane, fireplace accessories from Wm. H. Jackson, cutlery from Bonniers, crystal by Steuben, shoes by Banister, gin by House of Lords, shirts by Gant and Hathaway, component stereo system by Garrard, Stanton and Fisher, ties by Countess Mara, towels by Fieldcrest, an odd and end from Takashimaya." (353)

DeLillo, Don. Americana. London: Penguin Books, Ltd., 1990 [1971].

This is so great for thinking about what we would list now--some of these brands would still be the same, don't you think? For a certain character.

But it's not only who, in this case, but what: do you think anyone in 2012 would name their preferred brand of fireplace accessories? Or is there still a group of people that values that sort of object enough to list them as part of their prized or notable possessions, the brand of which is important?