You're a Good Deejay, Zack.

Laurette: Okay, look, um...Maybe you should just go back to New York, or Detroit or said you liked it there, remember? Go back to one of them stations where you used to work and ask them to give you a second chance. There's nothin' wrong with askin' somebody for something. Why is that always so fuckin' hard for you? You're a good deejay, Zack. All you gotta do is learn to jerk people off a little. That's all they really want, you know?

Zack: Well, I never jerk people off, and you know it, Laurette.

L: Okay, okay, fine, forget it! I'm not talkin' to you anymore, Zack, okay? I'm not talkin' to you anymore. You don't wanna fuckin' be here, and I'm not gonna let you play with me anymore! I hate you! You're so damn stupid and stubborn and I hate you, I hate you, and I'm an idiot for bein' with you, you got me embarrassed of my own...You got no fuckin' future, Zack, especially not with me.

Z: Not the shoes...not the shoes...not the shoes!

L: No...come on, hit me motherfucker, hit me! Hit me!

Z: I guess it's over between us, Laurette.

Ellen Barkin and Tom Waits in Down by Law, dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1986.

Famous scene, opening scene. Something pointy, with buckles.