Two hats

"'Then what was terrifying about the visit?' I asked.

Kirkfield lit a cigarette. 'He was wearing two hats,' he said. There was a long pause.

'In his study?' I said.

'Two hats?' my wife asked, putting her realistic finger on the more incongruous fact.

'Two hats,' Kirkfield repeated. 'They were both grey felt hats, one on top of the other. The terrifying thing was that he didn't say anything about them. He just sat there with two hats on, trying to cheer me up.'" (11)

Fear of aging from Thurber, James. Lanterns and Lances. Special Time Inc. Edition, published in New York, 1962 [1955].

James M. Stay acquired this book 2 June 1981, but apparently only ever opened it to write that inscription, the dolt. Mint condition Thurber, 80 cents!

How do you think this would be expressed today? Even one hat--even outside--might seem like an eccentricity. Or maybe that's it--the fact that one would wear some sort of old-timey hat at all? I want to hear your suggestions!