Oh, good! You know about Harris!

Jane: You must be freezing, dressed in that!

Tom: It has a lining...

Nick: What kind of lining is it? You gonna wear a raincoat all winter?

Sally: Princeton's south of here, I guess it's a lot warmer.

Tom: No, I just didn't know where to get a good overcoat.

Nick: Uh, Brooks, J.Press, Tripler, ...

Tom: Actually, I just haven't had time to buy one.

From Metropolitan, 1990, dir. Whit Stillman.

Throughout this movie, Nick has old fashioned, matter-of-fact opinions on dress. Wears a top hat. Also says, as regards the economy of going to debutante balls and other events, "Dances are either black tie or white tie, so: you only need two ties."

Flawless logic.