He Was On Board, Okay?

"You know, I had dated guys in college and they were nice guys, good guys, interesting and all of that, you know, laid out and all...but they just weren't IT, you know? They didn't come up to this, this list that I had. And I didn't even know I had a list! But obviously I did.

I wanted him to be well read, and I wanted him to be well travelled, and I wanted him to have like a passion for things, you know, not just this work, with his job, which would have been fine, but a passion for life in some way, you know?

I wanted him to be good-lookin', but not pretty-boy good looking, I didn't want a pretty boy. I wanted him to be, you know, good-lookin' in a sexy, dark, dangerous, mysterious kind of way, you know? And for some reason, I wanted him to wear a trench coat.

Richard Roundtree in a leather (!) trenchcoat. Shaft, 1971. Swiped from TONY.

I have--I have no idea. I wanted him to wear a trenchcoat, you know, maybe it was--you know, Richard Roundtree in Shaft, or, you know, Rick in Casablanca? I don't know what it was! And I wanted this man to wear a trench coat!

But the biggest thing is that I wanted this man to be a man, you hear me? I wanted him to know what he was doin'."

Tina McElroy Ansa tells her story, "Juicy Lessons from 'The Place'" live without notes on the Moth Podcast. Find her episode here.

I love EVERY PART of this story. Listen to it to hear the key role the trenchcoat plays later on in this story.