Phony Colonie

"To the untrained eye, the costumes worn by the men and women seen in the pictures of the kitchens look sufficiently colonial. However, the costume historian readily recognizes them for what they are, theatrical outfits (or, as one young clothing specialist put it, 'phony colonie'). In the few instances where genuine period clothing was used, it generally dated from the early 1800s rather than the 1700s." (165-66)

"Costumes for the Bicentennial." 1970s pattern from
DecotoDisco on Etsy.
Roth, Rodris. "The New England, or 'Olde Tyme,' Kitchen Exhibit at Nineteenth-Century Fairs" in The Colonial Revival in America, edited by Alan Axelrod. Winterthur, Del: W.W. Norton and Co, 1985.

Love this topic, maybe I will write about the Sestercentennial, what will the Colonial Revival patterns for 2025 look like??

God, the engageantes!