Worn Through: Global Mode

You might have noticed I've started a new column for Worn Through, covering global issues in fashion and dress.

This one is about the explosion of articles about African fashion in the New York Times in the last two days, possibly connected to Suzy Menkes' participation in the International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference.
Models wearing designs by Ituen Basi during the Spring/Summer 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week, October 2012. Photo: Benedicte Kurzen for the International Herald Tribune.
I'm a bit skeptical of Menkes in the piece (also, don't they have anyone else covering Fashion?), but her three-weeks-later coverage of Lagos Fashion and Design Week was simultaneously too gushy and Understanding and somewhat oddly critical. It was like she couldn't tell if it was best or racist to hold the shows up to the same standards as Western shows, so she did and didn't.

Anyway, tell me what you think! Of African fashion, of Western media and retail's role in its emergence, of the fact that we are STILL TALKING ABOUT colonialism. Or is it just me?

Read it here.