A Harder Sole

"His hair, flecked with gray, was buzzed almost to the scalp, and he was dressed in light-blue Levi's, a navy knit polo and a dark wool blazer. Seinfeld, who once said he wore sneakers long into adulthood 'because it reminds me I don't have a job,' 

Seinfeld sneaker collage, from Refinery29. One big Nike ad?

has lately grown partial to Nike Shox, which he likes for their extravagant cushioning, but tonight he opted for tan suede desert boots. When he's in the workplace--on a stage, microphone in hand, trying to make a crowd erupt--the feel of a harder sole helps him get into the right mindset." (26)

Weiner, Jonah. "Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up" The New York Times Magazine, December 20, 2012.

I rather like his Seinfeld-esque way of describing the man's relationship to clothing, e.g. "extravagant cushioning." Definitely tagged "occupational dress"--are sneakers to Jerry Seinfeld as a Kangol is to Samuel L. Jackson? Or are sneakers more quotidien, less unique?

Also, see Complex.com's gallery of more than 50 unique pairs of white Nikes Seinfeld wore on his show.