Bad News from the Clinic

"Sure enough, about the time Sissy clinked the last droplet of the Doctor's peppy nectar out of the can and dabbed a final trace of chocolate from her lips, there was a fist against her door and in sailed the tresses, teeth, and titties of a cowgirl so cute she made Sissy blush just to look at her. 

"toes you could pick your teeth with" from Honey Blossom Studio on Etsy.
She wore a tan Stetson with an aster pinned to it, a green satin shirt embroidered with rearing stallions snorting orange fire from their nostrils, a neckerchief, a leather vest as white as a corpse, of the same cadaverous leather a skirt so short that if her thighs had been a clock the skirt would have been five minutes to midnight, and a pair of hand-tooled Tony Lama boots, the toes of which you could pick your teeth with. There were silver spurs fastened to her boots, and encircling her trim waist, just above the slightly bulging baby fat of her belly, a wide, turquoise-studded belt, from which dangled a holster and the holster's inhabitant, a genuine six-shooter with a long nose like bad news from the clinic." (126)

Robbins, Tom. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. New York: Bantam Dell, 1990 [1976].

What a woman! Bonanza Jellybean.