Severe Gray Flannel

Carl S: Tonight, it's the Capital Smackdown! Nancy "Not-so-Nancy" Pelosi makes John "Beat-down" Boehner cry for a reason!


Peter S: But really, it would be great. Imagine if the Speaker of the House on C-Span, right, the Speaker of the House takes out his gavel, and the Minority Leader responds by taking out his nunchuks. And what if the Majority Whip had one?

Jessi K: I just think it would be a nice change if the biggest problem in Congress was steroids.


More common (and modest) Baderwear. Photo: Ruven Afanador for the NYT.

PS: You'd have Ruth Bader Ginsburg walking around holding up a round number. Wearing, presumably, a severe gray flannel bikini, I guess, to be appropriate.

AUDIENCE: ooooooooohhhh.

PS: I guess they don't care for that fabric?

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on if this Taiwanese "method" of governing was "allowed" in Washington. Do they hate Peter's suggestion because it's sexist or because she's, like, really old?