The Gang Gets Trapped

Mac: There is MAN pulling up outside of the house!

Charlie: Okay, I cannot see his face, but the subject appears to have pointed feet, of some kind. Okay, repeating here, he has pointed feet, so careful now!

Dennis [on walkie]: What does that mean?

Mac: He's wearing cowboy boots.

Extreme Mexican style. Photo: Edith Valle, from VICE Magazine.

Charlie: ...Okay, yes, I'm seeing now that they are cowboy boots, but, you know, his feet COULD be pointed on the inside--

Mac: DEFINITELY not pointed on the inside--

Charlie: How do you know that?

Mac: They're definitely not--you know, I guess I can't say that for sure.

From "The Gang Gets Trapped," episode 9, season 7 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Charlie IS a beautiful idiot, but what does this say about what wearing cowboy boots communicates to others? How do we know that his feet aren't pointed inside? See also: women whose feet and ankles are permanently changed by wearing tight, pointy high heels.