Western Womanhood

"Years afterward, when he was no longer using Sissy exclusively, the Countess posed a female impersonator in a Dew ad. He was not above that sort of trick. But he truly was taken with Sissy Hankshaw. Among other things, he believed her responsible for the jumpsuit interest that seized Western womanhood in the late sixties, and he placed her in the avant-garde of fashion
Sighsten Herrgård and model in his unisex jumpsuits, 1970s.
Photo: Scanpix. From Stil i P1.
Well, it is true; Sissy wore jumpsuits long before any editor at Vogue, but it is also true that she continued to wear them after they passed out of style. Zippered jumpsuits were, in fact, the only garb Sissy could wear--because she hadn't the facility to button her clothes." (59)

Robbins, Tom. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. New York: Bantam Dell, 1990 [1976].

Fashion vs. function.