LL: Okay, I got in trouble the last time I said this, but maybe you were asking for it dressed like that.

JD: I wasn't wearing a tuxedo at the time, Lemon. The mugger took my cufflinks, all I have here are tuxedo cufflinks, and I'm not about to wear them with a suit....and look like an idiot.

TJ: Give me the bad news, how black was this dude? On a scale from Lisa Bonet to DotCom?

JD: THIS is the thing that is bothering me. My assailant was a middle-aged white man wearing a button-down shirt and Dockers. Dockers. Not some drug addict, or gang aficionado. His knife was from Eddie Bauer!

Bear Grylls' knife is definitely not from Eddie Bauer. Anti-suburban retailing? 

From, of course, 30 Rock. Season 6, Episode 7.

Looking like an idiot is relative, it seems. And poor Dockers--what a joke! Nothing says theoretically harmless "middle-aged white man" better than Dockers and Eddie Bauer. So many wrinkle-resistant fabrics and pleated styles.

Bonus, from the same episode:

LL: What are you guys doing?

JD: The police can't be counted on to protect the rich, unless they're rich too, so we're gathering support for a private police department where the starting salary is...five million dollars a year.

LL: How's that going?

JD: Slowly. Even Tommy Hilfiger turned me down, and you'd think that he, of all people, would understand how the lower classes can ruin something.

Hah/zing/boo! 30 Rock is always way on top of fashion/brand criticism. See here.