O Revelations!

"But next month, nearly seven decades after Cather's death in 1947, the doors of her interior life will be thrown open with the publication of "The Selected Letters of Willa Cather," an anthology of 566 of the roughly 3,000 letters that turned out to have survived, scattered in some 75 archives.

Philip L. and Helen Cather Southwick Collection, Archives and Special
Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

For scholars it's a major literary event, a chance at last to flesh out the understanding of a writer often seen as a remote bluestocking in big skirts and old-fashioned hats. Cather, the letters reveal, was a powerfully engaged literary businesswoman who corresponded with H.L. Mencken, F. Scott Fitzgerald and other notables of the day--and once playfully took those skirts off, as a charming youthful letter recounts, to clamber down a windmill in a thunderstorm." (Front Page, A3)

Schuessler, Jennifer. "O Revelations! Letters, Once Banned, Flesh Out Willa Cather" New York Times March 22, 2013.

With few words available, scholars and enthusiasts turn to visual clues from photographs, here seen as incomplete and perhaps even misleading--as if what she wore could be divorced from her personality!