Hanging Past Their Coattails

"Billy nods. That sounds about right. He doesn't blame them for such pedestrian thoughts, and yet, and yet...the war makes him wish for a little more than the loose jaw and dull stare of the well-fed ruminant. Oh my people, my fellow Americans! See the world with the prophet's eyes! Virtually everyone is wearing Cowboys gear of one kind or another, parkas and caps stamped with the blue star logo, oversized jerseys, hoodies, scarves of silver and blue, dangly earrings or other forms of team bling, some have little Cowboys helmets painted on their cheeks.
Foreshortening? Cowboys fan, 2010s.
Billy finds this touching, how earnestly they show devotion to their team. The women display more aptitude for game-day style than the men, who lumber around with Cowboys jerseys hanging past their coattails and their pants bagged around the heels of their boots, a fatal foreshortening of vertical line that makes them look like a bunch of hulking twelve-year-olds." (23)

Fountain, Ben. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. New York: Harper Collins, 2012.

What does this tell the reader about sports fans? Cowboys fans? Texans? Billy Lynn?