Top Hat with Goggles

"One of the seven alien races appears to be some kind of orangutan Chewbacca. A motorcycle gang garbs itself in the standard post-apocalyptic attire of seemingly mismatched athletic apparel--a catcher's mask, perhaps, or half a set of football shoulder pads. The gang leader sports a top hat with goggles, giving him the appearance of one of the Dothraki from "Game of Thrones" who chose the life of a steam punk vaudevillian.

The 'net is woefully short on photos of "Defiance" villains and awfully long on
"steampunk gogglestop hat." From here, photo copyright same.

There are interspecies love affairs, an alien albino mob boss, and a lot of weird contact lenses. It's joyfully derivative and better than it deserves to be." (C7)

Suellentrop, Chris. "Same Story, Different Screen: A Video Game That's Also a Series" New York Times April 9, 2013.

Although I am not a fan of video games, I love that there are cliches or archetypes, clothing and appearances that are "typical" or "standard." Gamers, do you agree with the above?