Dishevelment and Suavity

"Albert is in his late fifties, a big-boned, fleshy man with an unruly cloud of mostly gray hair and thick, wiry hedgerows of midlength sideburns. He wears black frame glasses with round lenses. He chews gum. His hands are large and knuckly, and dark clumps of jungle growth spurt from his ears. Today he's wearing a white dress shirt with the collar open, a navy blazer with a lining of brilliant scarlet, a black cashmere overcoat and cashmere scarf, and sleek, dainty loafers that appear to be made of pliable chocolate bars.
Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, and Lee Meredith in The Producers, 1968. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images.
This crossfire of dishevelment and suavity provides no end of fascination for Billy, and from it he infers a worldliness that could eat Bravo for breakfast and swallow the bones." (7)

Fountain, Ben. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. New York: Harper Collins, 2012.

What kind of job would you guess Albert has, given this description [set in the early 2000s]?