Never Nike

"The 46 presentations that followed were dominated by the language of Silicon Valley, a hybrid of tech slang and insipid sales patter. Common terms included 'disruption,' 'scale' (verb), 'game changer,' 'thought leaders,' 'ecosystem,' 'pivot' and 'verticals.' 'We've 10 X'd,' one founder said, using a Grahamism to describe his company's growth.

Signature tee from Mark by Mark Zuckerberg line of clothing.
Most of the founders wore T-shirts and sneakers--Asics mostly, never Nike--and spoke in a manner that might be best described as Zuckerbergian: pauses imposed after every four words, delivered in an insistent, cheerful tone, with a painted-on smile." (70)

Rich, Nathaniel. "Eat. Sleep. Pitch." New York Times Magazine, May 5, 2013.

Why do you think everyone was in Asics (the conformity is not in question, but the brand)? Why "never Nike"? Are there small-business or entrepreneurial reasons? Are Asics especially hip in Silicon Valley? That comment feels like more than simple observation.