A Tie Says "Did it. Did it. Did it."

Peter Segal: All the characters in your book, as they go through this disappearance, this crime, and the investigation are saying, "Oh, this is just like on TV." The characters start thinking about how they are going to play the role that they know they're going to play in the drama that they've seen before.

Gillian Flynn: Exactly, it's like how does the accused husband act in this? At a certain point he's trying to figure out what to wear. You know, what do you wear, when you're a grieving husband, to the press conference? You do that, you'd have to do that, right?

PS: If I am unjustly accused of a crime, how should I behave? Just in case it happens. Just in case Ira [Glass] DOES die soon...which I would have nothing to do with....

GF: I saw the wink again...

PS: But how should you behave?

GF: Well, I think like a short-sleeve button-down, would be the proper thing to wear.

PS: So, go for the dork look right away.

Paula Poundstone: Why?

GF: I just think it's a nice, harmless look. It's sort of like, "I'm casual, I may kill, I may have not killed...but I'm comfortable, I'm comfortable."

PP: Short-sleeve...

Maz Jobrani: Floral pattern, like, "I'm celebrating...I'm partyin' bro!"

PP: Maz, you've got like umbrella drink, I don't think that's where she's going.

GF: Not a Hawaiian shirt, yeah. Like a plaid.

PP: She's going more Pocket Protector, right?

GF: Exactly, exactly. But not with a tie. That's too formal.

PP: Oh, no, NO! A tie says, "Did it. Did it. Did it."

Gillian Flynn plays "Not My Job" on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, aired July 12, 2013.

I like the somewhat inadvertent conflating of "behave" and "wear" here, and obviously that they spent many minutes on this topic! Both seriously and with great comic gravity.