The Tackiest Country on Earth

"Hooters Air was started in 2003 by the restaurant chain known for its chicken wings and hyper-mammalian waitresses. Every flight has three attendants who are dressed in traditional airline uniforms and trained in safety procedures, and two Hooters girls, who aren't and aren't.

No caption needed. From Adweek.

Number just eleven individuals, we are four more passengers than the seven who disembark. Behind them, the two Hooters Girls, one blonde, one brunette, emerge dressed in body-covering track suits in a sherbet-orange viscose. This is their more modest walking-around-the-airport attire. They look like Olympic athletes representing the tackiest country on earth, which I guess they kind of are.

Rakoff, David. "As it is in Heaven" in Don't Get Too Comfortable. New York: Doubleday, 2005.

I guess they kind of are. I didn't know there were multiple Hooters outfits!