Roguish Rajaratnam, Genteel Gupta

"Her reporting is meticulous. The minutiae are instructive, though at times relentless. There is more men's clothing here as in Barney's New York, and these two defendants really are what they wear: 
Rajaratnam in paisley. From here.
the roguish Rajaratnam in a white captain's cap smoking pot on the upper deck of a yacht; the genteel Gupta in a black Nehru suit with a red handkerchief at President Obama's first state dinner.


...ultimately, the story has an Indian-American Judas as well: Anil Kumar ('charcoal suit, white shirt and blue tie'), another successful Indian immigrant who attended Wharton with Rajaratnam and was Gupta's protege at McKinsey." (20)

Partnoy, Frank. "Inside Men" NYT book Review. June 30, 2013.
From a review of The Billionaire's Apprentice by Anita Raghavan [Business Plus, 2013].

I know what the captain's hat means (and the pot), but what does the Nehru suit say about Gupta? I really enjoyed that Partnoy acknowledged the importance of all Raghavan's costume notes.