The Churlish Vein

"But to tap still more deeply into the churlish vein, it is the belief in the extra-soothing power of the universe that gets me since, as best as I can determine, the universe cares not one jot for you or me. It really doesn't. As the writer Melissa Bank points out, the only proper response to a tearful "Why me?" is, sadly, "Why not you?"
An installation from the series "Fashion Victims" by Yolanda Dominguez,
commentary on the collapse of Rana Plaza earlier this year.
The sunniest most positive child in Malaysia laboring in a fucking sneaker factory can visualize all the good fortune he wants, but without concrete changes in international models of global trade, finance, and educational opportunities along with some very temporal man-made policies, just for starters, guess where he's going tomorrow morning? (A hint: it rhymes with shmucking sneaker factory).

Rakoff, David. "The Bleak Shall Inherit" in Half Empty. New York: Doubleday, 2010.

Concrete changes, please.