The Delmars

"The Delmars had a library--nothing but books in it and paneled in oak. Samuel, by borrowing, had read many more of the Delmars' books than the Delmars had. In that day an educated rich man was acceptable. He might send his sons to college without comment, might wear a vest and white shirt and tie in the daytime on a weekday, might wear gloves and keep his nails clean.
James and Hazel Bellamy in pretty dancing shoes. From here.
And since the lives and practices of rich men were mysterious, who knows what they could use or not use? But a poor man--what need had he for poetry or for painting or for music not fit for singing or dancing? Such things did not help him bring in a crop or keep a scrap of cloth on his children's backs. And if in spite of this he persisted, maybe he had reasons which would not stand the light of scrutiny." (44)

Steinbeck, John. East of Eden. New York: Penguin Books, 1979 [1959].

Culture is necessary, no matter what you can afford to wear!