And now, a word from our sponsors!

Great news!

I get to join the lovely ladies at Vintagefabriken for their Ecofriendly Christmas Market next Sunday, selling vintage textiles, sewing supplies, and clothing alongside many other great vintage boutiques, aesthetes, and healthy bakers. The theme of the market is, of course, reuse-reuse-recycle, organic food and treats, etc etc etc. Hosted by Vintagefabriken and Stockholms Stadsmission, all proceeds from seller's fees and the purchase of glögg and pepparkakor go to help the homeless, and there will also be a collection of jackets, blankets, and other warming items for Stockholm's most needy. So many good causes in one little market!

Copyright  Vintagefabriken .

Copyright Vintagefabriken.

So excited to be a part of this! Want to steal the hashtag from another beautiful shop that will be selling on Sunday, Lyckliga Gatan:

#åretsjulklappäråtervunnen, the best Christmas present is secondhand!

Come visit next Sunday, December 15, from 11-17 in Midsommarkransen. Bring your gently used warm coats and blankets...and your wallet! Support small businesses that are eco-friendly and working for a more sustainable--and aesthetically pleasing--world.