Tråkiga som tapeter.

"--Det är en bluff, Baby, sade jag överlägset. Men ni har inte frågat ett ord om bröllopet.


Fanns det sköna kvinnor? Hade de vackra kläder?

sade Eva, och jag märkte, att hon var glad att komma så helskinnad undan från sin ofrivilliga dumhet nyss.

Dresses made of wallpaper for the "Superior Interiors" issue of the 

Financial Times'


How to Spend It

" Magazine. See it




Där det finns sköna kvinnor finns det alltid ännu skönare kläder, sade jag, och här var båda delarna. Men nästan alla var tråkiga som tapeter.

Jag frågade mig själv, hur det kan komma sig, att vi, som knappt har tid att manicurera oss, mycket mindre att ha högre intressen, genomsnittligt är så mycket trevligare och roligare." (102)


, Elin.


. Falun: Scandbook AB, 2011 [1908].

"'Where there are beautiful women there is always even more beautiful clothing,' I said, 'and there were both [at the wedding]. But almost all were as boring as wallpaper.'"

It's always better to be poor and interesting than rich and boring, don't you think?

You are High Priority

"You do not have to be a big fat queer to get a ride from Homobiles...but it does help! No, just kidding. But, you know, you have to understand that the real reason we are here is for people that don't get rides, normally, from anyone else.

Try getting that hair into a normal taxi. Lady Bunny, from  here .

Try getting that hair into a normal taxi. Lady Bunny, from here.

And so, if you're putting on all this padding, high heels, a wig, and three sets of false eyelashes and a bunch of glitter, you are high priority at Homobiles."


From "The Making Of...The Homobile" by the Kitchen Sisters.

How you look affects how you are perceived! No one should be denied a ride.