The final project I presented at the end of my foundation year. A lavishly simple apron with a striking motif.

I used many of the aspects of my clothing-fabric project, both technical and aesthetic. But in this project I changed the material dramatically (35/2 linen instead of thicker wool) and simplified the design, and could thus compare the two experiences of making.

This is one of many projects that will examine the immaterial value of handwoven objects, especially those made to be used and abused. Would anyone actually use a handwoven (expensive) apron to wipe their hands on and protect their clothing, or would it be perceived as too precious and hang on a hook as decoration while the cook used a cheap apron from a chain store? Should handmade objects be handled with kid gloves, or is more respect for the weaver and the object shown by real, tough, dirty use?

One of the aprons I use daily in the kitchen. The other I mangled carefully and store wrapped around a cardboard tube.


84 x 61 cm. 2015.

Exhibited at HV Galleri, Student Exhibition 2016.