A handwoven flossa carpet. Each of the 16,928 knots was tied by hand, row by row. Tight and full, with shine and more than 100,000 threads at attention.

The rya yarn is from Ekenäs Hantverk, and was all hand-dyed, with the exception of their thin "natural black" which was an excellent complement to the colder black I dyed.

The sketch for this piece is a collage that I made months before this project started. Challenged by one of my design teachers to add something--anything--to my sketchbook every day, I started making graphic collages daily. This sketch was intended as a possible rug, and the pieces just fit together. Inspiration seemed to come from nowhere, or everywhere; it was only after I decided on that sketch that I discovered artworks and artists that could have directly inspired the design of this rug.

62 x 137 cm. No title. Rya wool yarn, wool carpet yarn, and linen thread. 2016.