My exam project at Handarbetets Vänner skola. This is a carpet in flossa technique, woven on a linen warp with mainly wool and a bit of linen for contrast. I dyed all of the yarn (except for the pure black and pure white, which are sheep-colored) to achieve the gradation and to have control over the colorway. The design is called 'Framskridning', which can be translated to 'Advancement'; this refers to both the gradation of color as well as my skillset in handweaving.

I am interested in the intersection of man, machine, and production. I strive for a meticulous speediness, a small-scale but efficient operation characterized by the hand’s imperfection. This demands a proficiency that I put to the test in this final project.

If you read Swedish, check out an interview I did about this piece here. This piece was also featured at Masters at Formex in August 2018.

Sold and in a private collection.

164 x 69,5 cm. Wool and linen. 2017.