Various sample projects.

White: from our Yta och Struktur [Surfaces and Structures] project at HV Skola. 5-shaft satin. Warp: Herrvik 50-50 linen-wool blend and linen crepe Nm 24 in sections. I varied the weft throughout: the Herrvik 50-50 in a balanced weave, 7 picks per cm, and one with about 3.5 picks per cm, for example. Or the linen crepe, tightly packed or loosely, randomly laid. More photos coming soon.

Red and Orange: A honeycomb structure straight from one of our instruction books. Warp: 8/5 cotton (?) and cottolin 26/2. First I wove with the same in the weft, but I felt the ratio of the thick to thin threads was too high, and experimented with other materials for the thick weft: ivory mercerized 5/2 cotton, or the same cottolin weft, doubled.