Projects and inspiration to last the whole year through. From the perspective of 'what I myself need and want', with a focus on useful textiles.


2018 edition: sign up any time during the year and receive all the back patterns immediately, plus:

On the first of each month, you'll get a PDF with:

  • A project pattern and draft in the Swedish style
  • A detail photo of the weave structure
  • A relevant tip or trick
  • Ideas for how to use the structure in other ways


  • For weavers with some experience and at least an 8-harness, 8-treadle loom.
  • Choose between Swedish or English language (metric and imperial respectively)
  • Swedish-inspired patterns with a modern aesthetic
  • Troubleshooting and help from me via email
  • Patterns use yarn that is readily available

60 USD/year (that's only 5 USD per month! About 490 sek/year or 40 sek/month).

Get the analog version, with all of the above plus a printout and a sample of the structure woven by me sent to your door. Only 25 available! 

115 USD/year, including shipping. (about 930 sek/year).