Singer and Sweden

In my personal research, I found this 1892 business card, digitized by the Baker Library at Harvard University.

You might be familiar with these ladies from my post  Textiles on Textiles and love of Laila Durán's beautiful Folklore Fashion Blog. Love how early 1890s the woman standing is!

I couldn't get the verso to copy to my computer; please read a snippet below. This appears to be a "sewin' 'round the world"-type ad campaign, Kenya and India being other examples in the Baker Library Collection. Slash...eugenics baseball card?

"The blonde type of Northern races is shown in the picture; the two girls are natives of Da'Larme*, a mountainous interior district**, where the old customs and fashions are preserved. The people are hardy, industrious, and intelligent***. Sweden has given us Neillson and many other sweet singers, and in return, we give her 15,000 of our industrious "Singers" annually."

This specific colorway of dress (Rättvik, right?) is ALWAYS used to typify and represent Dalarna, which is actually a region with at least dozens of different regional costumes (see Textiles on Textiles post).

See 1890s Swedes Skate here

* Dalarna. Never seen it written this way? Usually translated to Dalecarlia, or something similar.
** a relative sort of way.
***Did I mention my boyfriend comes from Dalarna?