Skate Date

New source material from Carolinabiblioteket.

Her (wool? velvet?) skating suit is lined extensively with fur, and his seems to be of astrakhan? His hat is definitely such. They also both have TONS of medals! I wonder what for, triple Salchow*?

Taken at Dahllöf, Hamngatan 38 in Stockholm. The caption reads, "Mrs. Franck and Mr. Sundgren--in sportswear on a skating trip in a photo studio in Stockhom around 1890. Photography by Alfred Dahllöf (1844-1908)."

Think they're standing on skates on, like, a carpet inside? Newspapers report they were professionals, or at least in national competitions--but you knew that from the pants. Okay, and the stance.

*This was totally a joke, but a little Wikipedia research reveals Salchow was Swedish! These guys were before his time. And the first triple was 1955. So maybe they did the triple Sundgren.